Summer programs
Nice bonuses
Conversation club
Free conversation clubs with native speakers allow students delve into the environment of live communication. Our speakers are Americans, Germans and Poles, will help speed up the learning process, remove the language barrier, and spend time in a relaxed atmosphere atmosphere
New acquaintances
When to make friends among like-minded people, especially in the summer! And our events will help you in this.
Discounts for early registration
It is always possible to register for summer courses in advance and save money for vacation.
Travel discounts
Our partners always offer the most favorable conditions for immersion in the language environment.
Our certificates
In the summer, our students have the opportunity to receive immediately several certificates. Our and schools abroad, where they also studied.
Summer abroad
Practicing language skills
The best way to practice language skills is it is immersion in the language environment. Ago extremely important is at least once in a lifetime visit the country whose language you are learning.
Offers for this year
We will post the details in March. So you will have time to think and make a decision.
United Kingdom
Benefit with rest
We offer to combine benefit with rest. And go to a language school abroad in the summer.
Language boost and fan
Our partners will arrange a language boost for you or your child. And the number of excursions to interesting places of interest will pleasantly surprise you.