What language level do you want to learn in the summer?

Літній курс
Літні програми
Школярі для літнього курсу
90 хв
Number of people in the group:
3 - 8 осіб
Number of classes per month:
3 місяці
3 рази на тиждень
Duration of the lesson:
90 хв.
Duration of studies:
початок червня
розмовний клуб з німцем
Testing is a mandatory condition for starting studies!
For the semester
7,500 грн.
By 8 classes
2000 грн.
Program in details
Рівень А1
This level can be compared to a child at the primary school. 
This is the most basic level. You should start with it if you have never learnt the language. Or if you have learnt it so long ago, that you have to start from the beginning again.
A person with the A1 level:
  • knows up to 500 words;
  • uses basic sentences talking about basic topics;
  • knows the primary grammar;
  • reads and translates simple sentences and texts.
For the semester
7,500 грн.
By 8 classes
2000 грн.
Briefly about the program
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We use Oxford University Press and Pearson literature at our classes.*
*Literature is not included into the price of education.