Answers to common questions
We teach all levels of languages. We also prepare for international exams.
With the name Basics, we emphasize that knowledge of foreign languages ​​is the BASIS of a successful person in the 21st century.
We invite children from the age of 6 to English and German.
We invite you to learn Polish from the age of 10.
It's never too late to learn, that's why we don't limit our students by age criteria.
Both young and old students study with us.
You can find out the schedule of classes from the administrator.
The stage of group selection is very important. Before testing, we can only provide an approximate lesson schedule.
For a final understanding of the schedule, it is worth taking a test. Then we can provide accurate information.
To register at our language school, you can call the following numbers: +38 (050) 387-85-52, +38 (093) 500-70-75, +38 (067) 469-26-20
or fill in form and we will call you back.
You don't need to buy a "cat in a bag" from us. Try first, pay later.
A trial lesson is included in the payment when everything is to your liking.
For schoolchildren: there is a recalculation if absences are due to illness.
For adults: unfortunately, there are no calculations.
Our students buy educational literature for their own use.
We do not provide printouts for the lesson or electronic versions of the books.
Qualified teachers who are truly passionate about language and teaching.
They are professionals who speak a living language.
But they are happy to share their knowledge along with their love for the language.
Conversation clubs with native speakers are regularly held at our school. That is, with Americans, Germans and Poles.
This is an additional service. This service is free for our students. If you do not study with us,
we will also be glad to see you at speaking events, but it will be paid.
You can always become part of our talented team. Please send your CV to us by mail osnovy.kiev.ua@gmail.com. And we will definitely contact you!
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