Answers to the most frequently asked questions
We teach all language levels. We also prepare students for international exams. With our name - Osnovy (basis, foundation in ukr) - we emphasize that knowing languages is one of the important foundations of your future success in the 21st century.
We start teaching English and German from the age of 6.
With Polish we startwith children who are 10 years old.
And it is never too late to study. So we have no age limits. Both young and elderly
students are part of our community.
Our administrators have all the inforamtion about the schedule.
But until the student has completed the test, we can give him/her only a vague idea
of the schedule. After the test is done, we are ready to give our future student detailed information about the schedule.
To become a student of our school you can give us a call using the numbers: +38 (050) 387-85-52, +38 (093) 500-70-75, +38 (067) 469-26-20
or fill in the form and we will call you back.
First try, then pay. A trial lesson is included in payment
after you made a decision to go on with the studies.
For children: we refund the missed classes if the reason is illness.
For adults: there is no refund of the classes no matter what the reason is.
Our students buy the literature that they use during the educational proccess.
We do not give any printed materials each class or electronic copies of the books.
Our team is formed by proffesionals who are in love with their job.
They have a fluent spoken language. And they pass on their knowledge and love for
the language to their students.
We have regular speaking clubs with native speakers. And they are -
Americans/Australians, Germans, Poles and Ukrainians.
It is an extra service. For our students it is free of charge. If you are not our student
yet, but would like to take part, you will be charged money (payment is not high).
You can always become a member of our talanted team. Send us your CV to the
email osnovy.kiev.ua@gmail.com. And we will get in touch with you!
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