Corporate training
If your company needs the team to learn or consolidate language skills, then you have come to the right address.
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We cooperate with small, medium and large businesses so that Ukrainian companies became leaders in the international market.
Nice bonuses
Conversation club
Free conversation clubs with native speakers allow students to immerse themselves in the environment of live communication. Such meetings make it possible to speed up the work educational process, remove the language barrier and spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. our speakers - Americans, Germans and Poles will gladly help schoolchildren to start speaking and understand!
Our events
We always invite all our friends corporate clients to ours events For example, your team can go with us to the antique cinema. Or to another event of our company.
Corporate discounts
We are proud that our customers achieve results and successes. And thank you when they recommend us to other companies. With gratitude for the recommendation, we give discounts on training for your company.
Flexibility in everything
Flexibility in working time, format and program construction. We appreciate each of our corporate clients! And we do everything so that your team achieves the desired result as much as possible quick time frame!
Details about training
Division into groups
Groups are formed according to the level of language proficiency. Therefore, testing is a must beginning of studies.
Program selection
Solving different problems requires different programs. We select a program that is comfortable for everyone.
Trial lesson
You don't need to buy a "cat in a bag" from us. First try, then pay. A trial lesson is included in payment when everything is to your liking.
Professional literature
Over the years of teaching, we have picked up literature that helps logically and deliver the material consistently.
Comprehensive teaching
A comprehensive approach to teaching allows you to really master the language. Special emphasis, at the same time, we do it for practice.
Professionals in love with their work. They have a living language. Transfer their knowledge together with love of language.