Corporate clients
If your company needs its team to learn and practice the language skills, then you have found the right place.
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We cooperate with small, medium and large businesses so that Ukrainian companies become leaders on the international market.
Our bonuses
Speaking club
Free speaking clubs with native speakers allow our students to practice the language. Such classes speed things up in the learning process and remove the language barrier. Our speakers - Americans, Germans, Poles and Ukrainians will gladly help students to start speaking and understanding!
Our events
We always invite all of our corporate clients to our events. For example, your team can join our movie evening in an anti cinema. Or any other event.
Corporate discounts
We are proud that our clients achieve the aimed results. And are happy to have your friends as part of our successful community. As a thank you for recommending us, your organization receives discounts.
Flexibility in everything
Flexibilty in every aspect of our cooperation: time, program, etc. Every corporate client is unique and important for us! And we do our best to make your company achieve the aimed results as fast as possible.
Education details
Group formation
Groups are formed according to the level of language proficiency. Therefore, testing is a must before the beginning of studying.
Choosing a program
Different tasks require different programs. We select a program that is the best case solving.
Trial lesson
First try, then pay. A trial lesson is included in payment after you made a decision to go on with the studies.
Literature we use
We use literature that helps logically and consistently go through the material.
Comprehensive teaching
A comprehensive approach to teaching allows our pupils to really master the language. Special emphasis, at the same time, we make on practice.
Professionals who are in love with their work. They do everything so that student would not only know, but also love the language.